Sizing Guide


What size yarmulke am I? 

Please note: This guide is a general guide and will work for many average size heads, however, we cannot possibly guarantee that the sizing will work for you

We carry yarmulke sizes 2-6 in most styles. 
Yarmulkes run based on head size, not age. All childrens’ heads run differently!  
We currently carry a few different brands of Yarmulkes. Although there are slight differences in the fit, we recommend to use the same sizing across all brands.   
Our general guide is as follows:

The most typical size for an Upsherin Boy is either a 2 or 3.  
Ages 4-8 will typically wear a size 3 or 4.
Ages 8-12 will typically wear a size 4 or 5.
Older children may continue to wear a 4 or 5 (heads do not grow quickly), or move into a size 6.

This guide is based on a typical boy who wears his Yarmulke big enough to be seen all around his head but not huge.  


Does each yarmulke fit differently? 

Although yarmulkes do not come perfectly uniform in size, there is no need to try on each individual one. We have found that as long as you are ordering the correct size, most often the fit is great. It is important to note that as your child wears his Yarmulke it will mold to his head, and usually even if it starts out a little big it will fit nicely within a week or two.

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